Handle Materials

My standard pricing and standard handle material is bead blasted canvas micarta.  I can order additional exotic natural or synthetic materials as needed to meet your preferences.  I also am open to use certain customer supplied such as wood from a sentimental area to you, antler or horn from one of your previous hunts, etc.  Some materials may require sending out for chemical stabilization to make them well suited for knife handles.  Also worth noting is that all natural materials may have flaws or internal voids that I cannot see before making a knife with them and cannot avoid.  Most of the time, this is not an issue to work with.  I will make every effort to avoid any potential problem areas and work with or repair any minor flaws that may be present but some flaws will render certain materials unsuitable for knife scales and cannot be worked around or repaired.  I oftentimes have to physically see and hold the materials to know if I can or cannot use a particular material for scales that may have flaws.

Other handle materials available for use on knives will be listed on this page with pricing for the up-charge to use them.


This material displays exceptional stability with changes in altitude, temperature, and humidity changes which means it should not shrink or expand with varying atmospheric conditions leading to minor discrepancies in tang and handle material height.  It is also more tolerant of wet, oily, and dirty conditions.  When bead blasted, it takes a supple but grippy texture which is quite pleasing to touch and the grip or traction actually slightly improves when wet, making it both unique and ideal for heavy use, outdoors conditions where your palms may be sweaty, wet, or bloody during use.  In addition to all of these benefits it is among the most economical materials available that are well suited for knife handles.  I only stock brown canvas micarta, but can order other colors if desired.  When bead blasted the color saturation fades making the medium brown canvas turn tan like the color of dried oak leaves which looks natural in the outdoors.  Black canvas turns to a dark grey color, olive green canvas turns to a ranger green or sage green color when bead blasted.  Other colors are available upon request, but keep in mind they will appear faded because of the bead blasted finish and will not appear as dark or rich as the same material would when polished.  Examples of both black and tan micarta are shown below.

Greg's Custom Camo Micarta - $65

This is custom made for my shop by hand.  It can be bead blasted for a warm to the touch feel when cold and improved traction when wet or polished for darker, more rich color saturation and a smoother feel.  It is bead blasted on the top Woodsman and polished on the bottom Woodsman.  It runs $50/knife.

3/16" Maroon Linen Micarta - $0 upcharge

See photos of Small Game Hunter also handled in this.  This will be sanded smooth and buffed.  It looks really nice over white or black liners.  Its thickness is most appropriate for smaller handles such as my Small Game Hunter but could also be used as a thick liner upgrade for wood.