I often am asked about trades or bartering for some of my knives.  I am always open to bartering so long as what is being offered in exchange for my work is something useful to me.  I will post on here any items that may be of particular interest to me, although your welcome to Contact Me with details if you have something else that you would like to offer in trade.

  • Materials for the shop:
    1. Quality handle materials are always considered towards all or part of the purchase price of a knife.  I can always use good handle materials.  Materials of interest would include carbon fiber, micarta, stag, bone, horn, burls, ivory, exhibition grade woods, figured maple, Arizona desert ironwood, materials with historical significance, etc.  I do not trade my work for the stacks of oak firewood in your barn.  It has to be a premium handle material, which a customer of a high end custom knife may find of value.  You can view my Handle Materials page to get an idea of the types of handle materials that I have taken in on trade for work in the past.
    2. Quality vegetable tanned tooling leather and/or leather craft tools.  Harmon Oak is my preferred brand of tooling leather.
    3. Quality knifemaking steels of known alloys are always welcome.  I am particularly fond of Elmax, AEBL, and CPM 3V.  I am not interested in trading work for your metal scrap pile or old rail road spikes.  The steel is the heart and soul of a custom knife and the heat treatment of that steel is the most important step of the knife making process.  I do not make knives from any unknown alloy of steel because I cannot get a perfect heat treat on an unknown alloy and a “good enough” heat treat is not good enough for my standards.
  • Tooling for the shop is always nice.  At the moment the following tools are things that I am interested in adding to the shop.  Your welcome to offer tooling outside of this list but I already have a well stocked shop and these are tools that will increase my shop’s capabilities the most at this point in time.
    1. Majestic 2-Burner Knifemaker Deluxe Forge
    2. Components for a Disk Grinder build
      1. 1HP, 220V, 3 phase, TEFC, C-face motor
      2. Nielsen hub with two flat disks and two tapered disks, all with modified edges
      3. VFD
      4. KMG/Beaumont Work Rest and Sub Plate Optional
    3. I’d like to add a decent quality tabletop mill/drill similar to this Grizzly mill/drill.  This will allow me to drill holes for hardware with more precision than I can get out of my drill press and do some basic milling work for fittings, guards, folders, etc which will improve my efficiency with some steps of the knifemaking process.
  • Sporting goods are occasionally considered as well.  Items of particular interest might include:
    1. 4″-5″ S&W .357 Magnum such as on of the following: 686 Stocking Dealer Exclusive, S&W 627 .357 magnum revolver, or a S&W 327 TRR8
    2. Ruger Mk IV Hunter or a Ruger Mk IV Tactical
    3. Target grade air pistol such as an IZH46/46m or FWB101/102/103
    4. Henry lever action 410 shotgun