I can offer a variety of services for knives.  If it isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to see what I can do for you through my Contact Me page but the things below are services that I routinely get asked to do.  Depending on my work load, I may or may not accept orders for additional services.  If I’m backlogged on custom orders, those must come first.

Knife Sharpening:

Pricing is per knife edge.  For instance a Case 2-blade Stockman would get charged as 2 blades, a double edged dagger would be charged as 2 blades, a small single bladed folding pocket knife is 1 blade, and an 8″ chefs knife is 1 blade.  For any blades over 8″, please contact me for additional cost but to keep things simple I price all knife blades at the same rate.  I can sharpen most efficiently in larger batches of knives and therefore you will find the best value for my sharpening services when sending in multiples at a time.  These prices are for a quality working edge off of my machinery.

  • $15 to sharpen the first blade
  • $5 to sharpen each additional blade
  • Oversized blades greater than 8″ long cost an additional $2 per inch
  • Serrations cost extra and quotes are available for these after inspection as they require slightly different tooling for each type of serration and I may or may not be able to accommodate your needs.

Tool Sharpening:

I can provide quotes to sharpen the following tools upon inspection of the tool:

  1. scissors
  2. axes
  3. garden tools
  4. mower blades
  5. chisels

Knife Repair or Re-grinds:

It is best to Contact Me with what repair and/or refinishing work you would like done.  Pricing quotes can be provided on an individual basis for such work.  Some repairs such as cleaning up a broken tip can be quick and inexpensive while others such as a complete restoration and regrind can require more time on my end than building a knife from scratch.  Regrind costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the work; pricing for this typically starts at $75.


I can re-handle a variety of tools and knives.  It’s best to use my Contact Me page for any knife/tool re-handling requests.  Typically knife rehandles start at $100 for labor/materials and axe/tool handles start at $60 for labor/materials.