Signature Filet & Boning Knives

This series of knives is designed to excel at filleting and boning game and fish.  The handle shape and blade shapes are designed specifically to give optimized control during the types of cutting typically used with boning and filleting knives.  An integral guard protects against your hand slipping forward into the thin and razor sharp edges.  The lanyard hole allows the knife to be lashed to your body/boat and protect against loss while boating.  While often overlooked by sportsmen, a quality filet knife can be an extremely valuable tool for any sportsman to process their game and fish properly.  These come in three sizes: the Small has a 4.5″ blade length, the Medium has a 6.5″ blade length, and the Large has a 10″ blade length.

Signature Filet & Boning Pricing

The base price for these with a tapered tang, simple hardware, and G10 or Micarta handles is:

  • $325 – Small
  • $350 – Medium
  • $400 – Large

Knife Upgrades

  • Metal Finishes Availible
  • Handle Material Upgrade $25+, depending on the cost of the materials
  • Bolster $50 labor, plus the cost of materials
  • Loveless/Corby Bolts $10 each
  • 1/8″ Mosaic Pins $30 per design
  • 1/4″ Mosaic Pins $40 per design
  • EDM Pins $60 per design
  • 3/8″ Mosaic Lanyard Tube $40
  • Liners $15 each


All of my knives come with a basic Kydex sheath.  A leather sheath or additional features may be added to the basic Kydex sheath upon request.  Information and pricing schedules regarding sheaths can be found on my pages for Leather Sheaths and Kydex Sheaths.