Kitchen Cutlery

These knives are designed to excel at food preparation. The size and proportions are made with an emphasis on Western knife designs and cullinary techniques for cutting.  The geometry of the blade is optimized to work well in draw cuts, slicing, and rocking. The handle is optimal for use in a saber grip. The primary grind is taken thin to improve slicing/mincing performance and is slightly convexed to reduce the potential of root vegetables sticking to the blade. The secondary bevel is convexed to improve durability of the edge and is at an acute angle to improve fine cutting performance. These are most commonly made in AEBL steel because of the edge quality it takes, its ease of sharpening, and its stain resistance.  I feel AEBL is one of the best steels on the market for kitchen knife work and is the steel I have used on my personal knives for the kitchen as well.  My small chef knife has a 6.75″ blade length and my large chef knife has an 8.5″ blade length.  I recommend hand washing the blade and storing it in a dry location immediately following use.  Do not place these knives in a dishwasher; dishwashers will cause irreparable damage to them over time.

Chef Knife Pricing

The base price for these with a tapered tang, simple hardware, and G10 or Micarta handles is as follows:

  • $450 – Small
  • $500 – Large

Knife Upgrades

  • Metal Finishes Availible
  • Handle Material Upgrade $25+, depending on the cost of the materials
  • Bolster $50 labor, plus the cost of materials
  • Loveless/Corby Bolts $10 each
  • 1/8″ Mosaic Pins $30 per design
  • 1/4″ Mosaic Pins $40 per design
  • EDM Pins $60 per design
  • 3/8″ Mosaic Lanyard Tube $40
  • Liners $15 each


All of my knives come with a basic Kydex sheath.  A leather sheath or additional features may be added to the basic Kydex sheath upon request.  Information and pricing schedules regarding sheaths can be found on my pages for Leather Sheaths and Kydex Sheaths.