All of my sheaths are hand made and custom fit to each individual knife. I work with both leather and Kydex.  See my Kydex page for details and pricing regarding thermoplastic sheath work.

My leather sheaths are made from thick, top grade Harmon Oak vegetable tanned leather that I hand select at Springfield Leather and are stitched by hand using a saddle stitch for improved strength, durability, and serviceability. Harmon Oak leather is the highest quality tooling leather availible in the world.  Their tanning processes take about 3 times longer than what imported vegetable tanned leather uses which can be sourced at places like Tandy, Hobby Lobby, etc.  This results in their product being a little more expensive, but it results in leather that is consistently more dense at a given thickness so it is more tough and less prone to stretching, that takes dyes more evenly, and that takes stamping/tooling more cleanly and holds the sharpness of stamping better.  The end result is a higher quality sheath in all regards.  My leather sheaths are custom fit to each individual knife and are not simply generic pouches that happen to hold the blade. I offer a variety of tooling options, patterns, colors, stitching options, and belt loop options.  In addition to this, all of my sheaths are stitched by hand with a saddle stitch.  This means the hole spacing from the edges and between each hole are measured and marked individually, every hole is punched by hand, and every hole has needles threaded through it in both directions from both sides by hand.  While this is quite time consuming it results in the strongest bond possible and is the best way to sew leather.  My focus on my leathercraft is on quality, not production speed and efficiency.  Properly made leather sheaths take time to complete and will increase the overall build time of your custom knife order but are worth the wait.

Leather Pricing

  • Custom Fit Leather Sheath $100
  • Elkskin lining $75
  • Border Tooling $20
  • Full Coverage Tooling on Leather Sheath $40 per panel/side
  • Name/Initials on Belt Loop $10
  • Removable Dangler Loop with Removable D-Ring on Leather Sheath $40
  • Double Row Stitching on Leather Sheath $60