Small Game Hunter

This knife is designed to excel at skinning and quartering animals. Its size and proportions are made for those who like to maintain controlled cuts through the flesh and keep every bit of meat possible. The geometry of the blade is optimized to work well in small game, while still being large enough to be efficient in medium game. The handle is optimal for use in a modified saber grip with the thumb along the side and in a choked up grip with the index finger along the spine. The handle profile is left thin with minimal contouring to allow it to fit in a smaller grip as well as to provide increased feedback about the knife’s position while in the chest cavity of medium sized game. The spine of the knife is squared with a slightly chamfered edge to allow for tactile feedback without risk of tearing your latex gloves when cleaning game animals.  This knife is not offered with a lanyard tube.  As a dedicated skinning knife, a tube creates a place that is difficult to keep clean in the field and I have found that when cleaning animals I and everyone else that I hunt with routinely remove their lanyards to keep them clean and out of the way when processing game animals.  For these reasons I find a lanyard tube on this design to be both unnecessary and it detracts for the ease of maintenance on this model in the field.  This knife has an overall length of 7″ and blade length of 3 1/4″.

Small Game Hunter Pricing

$350 is the base price for for a Small Game Hunter with a tapered tang, simple hardware, and G10 or Micarta handles.  Upgrades are available at the costs listed.

Knife Upgrades

  • Metal Finishes Availible
  • Handle Material Upgrade $25+, depending on the cost of the materials
  • Bolster $50 labor, plus the cost of materials
  • Loveless/Corby Bolts $10 each
  • 1/8″ Mosaic Pins $30 per design
  • 1/4″ Mosaic Pins $40 per design
  • EDM Pins $60 per design
  • 3/8″ Mosaic Lanyard Tube $40
  • Liners $15 each


All of my knives come with a basic Kydex sheath.  A leather sheath or additional features may be added to the basic Kydex sheath upon request.  Information and pricing schedules regarding sheaths can be found on my pages for Leather Sheaths and Kydex Sheaths.