This knife is designed to serve as a heavy duty, general-purpose outdoorsman’s knife. The blade profile has a large, gentle sweep along the belly to work well in food preparation and cleaning game animals. The blade is made from 1/4″ stock and is given a distal taper to improve precision and slicing along the tip and strength closer to the handle. In order to reduce weight, the tang of the knife is skeletonized to the maximum amount possible without sacrificing durability. The handle geometry is optimized to be comfortable and secure in a variety of the most useful grips. The butt of the handle is rounded to allow for a comfortable area to strike with the palm of your hand when stabbing or creating split wood fires. The size and contours of the handle should allow a loose, yet powerful, grip with no sharp corners or hot spots to reduce hand fatigue over extended periods of heavy use.  It is 9″ in overall length with a 4 1/8″ cutting edge.

Woodsman Pricing

$375 is the base cost for a Woodsman with a tapered tang, simple hardware, and G10 or Micarta handles.  Upgrades are available at the costs listed.

Knife Upgrades

  • Metal Finishes Availible
  • Handle Material Upgrade $25+, depending on the cost of the materials
  • Bolster $50 labor, plus the cost of materials
  • Loveless/Corby Bolts $10 each
  • 1/8″ Mosaic Pins $30 per design
  • 1/4″ Mosaic Pins $40 per design
  • EDM Pins $60 per design
  • 3/8″ Mosaic Lanyard Tube $40
  • Liners $15 each


All of my knives come with a basic Kydex sheath.  A leather sheath or additional features may be added to the basic Kydex sheath upon request.  Information and pricing schedules regarding sheaths can be found on my pages for Leather Sheaths and Kydex Sheaths.