Customs and One Offs

This page is to showcase work done for custom orders, one off builds, and collaborative builds which are not regularly produced models in my product line.  If you have any requests about a custom knife for yourself, please feel free to contact me.

Pricing quotes for custom designs and one offs can be provided on an individual basis.  There are too many factors at play to estimate costs and post generalized pricing on the website.  Pricing per blade for a custom piece will be less expensive if I am able to run a batch of 10 or more blades of the same design versus doing an individual one off knife because I am able to obtain significant discounts in materials in bulk as well as significantly decrease the amount of labor by running knives in batches.  My makers costs on one offs can be 2-3 times more expensive in materials than an otherwise identical knife made in batches due to lack of discounts for larger materials orders, increased shipping costs per component of the blade, and increased costs for heat treating.  It takes me 3-5 times the amount of time to do a single knife as a one off knife than it would for me to make an identical knife in a batch because I am unable to optimize my time spent in designing, layout of materials, setting up of tooling, etc over multiple blades.  In addition to this, certain design features may require that I invest in additional tooling that is outside of my typical process to accommodate specific requests; sometimes this is quite affordable for me to do while other times it is cost prohibitive to do so,