Kydex Sheaths

All of my sheaths are hand made and custom fit to each individual knife. I work with both leather and kydex.  Please refer to my Leathercraft page for details and pricing on leather.

My Kydex sheaths are made from real Kydex branded thermoplastic, not the less expensive imitation stuff. My preferred design is a pancake style which can be ran vertically, horizontally, inverted, or canted on the right or left side of the knife as well as on the spine or edge side of the blade. It is designed to be ran with a TekLok or DCL Combat Loop (my personal preference) for belt hardware. In addition to this, it can used as a neck knife sheath vertically or inverted and/or as a baldric carry rig with cordage/chain through the eyelets. This pattern of sheath has a drain hole at the tip of the blade on both sides of the sheath and the curved ramps to the sides of the blades act as a place for your thumb to push off without creating excess bulk or sharp corners. This pattern is my typical and preferred method for making Kydex sheaths due to the extreme versatility in the design but I can do fold over pouch styles of Kydex sheaths as well upon request. I only stock black kydex; other colors can be used upon request for a slight increase in cost to cover the expense for ordering a small piece of colored Kydex or patterned Kydex to suit your preferences.  The mounting holes/pattern for TekLoks and Combat Loops are identical with the only functional difference being how they lock.  I prefer the operation of the Combat Loops because it allows for one handed operation; therefore I only stock Combat Loops.

Kydex Sheath Pricing

  • Black pancake or pouch design to fit Tek-Lok and/or DCL Combat Loop hardware $50
  • Combat Loop included – $20
  • Drop Loops with 1″ rubberized nylon webbing – $10
  • Custom colors/graphics available upon request – typically ~$25